Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

The Art Of Getting By (part 1; before watching the movie)

I can't wait for this movie!!!!!! I have waited since December 2010, and this month it's finally out!.............in the US. Please be released here in Indonesia soon too please please please I'm not sure this movie is gonna be out in cinema here though, but I'm hoping for the DVD. I mean, srsly? Freddie Highmore AND Emma Roberts in a movie together? I've always loved the both of them so much! Plus there's Michael Angarano (that dude from Sky High). Just when I thought, 'how much better could it be?', I found out there's Elizabeth Reaser (she's in Twilight) too. And the trailer is just asdfghjkl so GOOD! Here's the trailer. And personally, I love the Homework cover better than The Art Of Getting By, but both is great anyway lol
This is Homework:
This is Art Of Getting By:
For those of you who don't know, this movie was originally titled Homework and was premiered at Sundance on January 2011. But they changed the title to The Art Of Getting By and will be premiered in all of USA on June 17th 2011. Which is today in there but maybe a few weeks later in here :( Btw, I just saw the new photo shoots of Emma and Freddie and I think they're just so cute AAAAHH <3 I don't think they should date though, I just think they're cute :)
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