Minggu, 22 Januari 2012

Look What The Cat Dragged In

Hey y'all! And by "y'all", I mean "nobody". Cause nobody really reads this crap I call blog anyway, so whatevs. Anyway, a lot have been going on since the last time I wrote a post here. Let's press the fast-forward button, shall we? Okay, so; Pilar (some kind of like an Islamic Youth Camp my school organized) -> Pre-Observation Trip (2 days of hell) -> Observation Trip (where we went to live with a family in the village and got the taste of the lower-class lifestyle) -> School, yada yada yada -> Asian Student Exchange Program 2011 in Hong Kong & Taiwan (which was the highlight of my year!!!!! super duper fun. I wanted to write a post about it right after I got back, but then I got lazy....) -> Navigasi (where we spent 3 days with Indonesian air force and learnt more about leadership and discipline, A-TEN-HUT!). I guess that is it, and now here I am. Still single, by the way. Secretly crushing on a school mate in another class. I don't know what else to write, so bye.

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  1. that's not true. I'm reading your blog and we have something in common. and that is the love of books!!! hahahaha don't give up and keep posting. I hope we become friends, even just by the internet. :D