Senin, 13 Juni 2011

What Can I Say, I'm A Real Hopeless Romantic

I truly am, I really am. I've always wanted to be treated like those nice pretty girls in the movies who gets the perfect guy and they live so happily that their love can conquer anything. Call me old-fashioned, but I love romance. And I want it to happen to me. Like Vanessa Hudgens' line in Beastly, "What happened to romance?" Nowadays, everyone's idea of romance is sex. What the fuck, right? Romance is supposed to be, for example, like, a girl who's not so pretty or popular but very, very nice and down-to-earth and kind and fun to be around with being a whole world to a guy who's popular and is every girls' desire. That a guy who can have any girl he wants as his lover, but still chooses her instead, not so pretty on the outside but truly beautiful on the inside, like A Walk To Remember. I want that to happen to me, which I doubt is possible. (See, this is the effect to watching too many romantic movies!) Now, what people see is how others look. Pretty people can go through life easier than ugly people. That's just a fact. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those pretty people. Things are harder for me, especially when it comes to.....boys. They are such a mystery.
Well, I don't wanna sound desperate but I need want a guy.
Who would comfort me when I'm scared or feeling insecure, like:
Who would do silly stuff with me, like:
Who would past me notes like this in class:
Who would sing to me when we hang out even if his voice is not that good just cause he means the lyrics and wants me to know that, like:
Who would let me sit on his lap, like:
Who would let me hug him when we walk together at the mall or any other places, like:
Who would randomly ask me to dance at the most unexpected times, like:
Who would let me hold him while we walk together, like:
Who would hug me from the back and kiss me on the cheek, like:
Who would play at the beach with me, like:
Who would understand and try to talk me out when I think something's not going right, like:
Who would let me lean on to him when I'm tired, like: 
Who would give me piggyback rides and I'd also give him even if one of us can't carry the other, like:
But then again,
A guy like that barely exists and impossible to find!!!!!!
So, I'm not gonna get my hopes up or set my standards too high cause I won't get anything if I do that. I'm not gonna search for a guy, he will come himself if it's meant to be :) *cough that's so corny cough*

Quote of the day:
"Once you stop looking, you will find it." -Unknown

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