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The Hunger Games

Where do I even begin? THE MOVIE IS SO GOOD OH MY GOD I'M SPEECHLESS. SERIOUSLY MIND-BLOWING. Although I gotta say, the book is 100% better. I'm not going to mention & explain every details I think about the movie, no. I'm just going to point out (and explain a wee bit) of what I like and what I dislike about the film adaptation. But again, not all. I'm too lethargic to think about every bit of parts of the movie right now. So here goes some several things...

1. EVERYTHING ABOUT PEETA MELLARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is perfection <3 Ugh, I can't even contain myself of how charming, endearing, enchanting, dashing, and captivating this fine young man is in the movie. Josh Hutcherson is fucking perfect for the role of Peeta Mellark! Super satisfied with his portrayal :')
2. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. Throughout the movie, I thought she was just.....uh-mazing. The perfect combination of brains, beauty, and bravery, just like how I imagined Katniss Everdeen would be. Thumbs up for her!
3. The cave scene!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially their kiss :''') Peeniss' moment right there, Peeniss' shippers. I also dislike the fact that this scene I've been so eager to see is lack of duration, details, and kisses. I'll explain in the dislike section later.
4. How the Capitol was captured, and didn't lie about its grandeur. Totally futuristic!
5. The reaping scene!!! A tearjerker for sure, and the best part of the movie. Just breathtaking, seriously. I cried my eyes out. I mean, it was so heartfelt. When Prim was chosen and Katniss volunteered as tribute, when Prim kept weeping "NOOOOOO" and Gale spontaneously lift her, and when Peeta's name was called out and his face was just so convincing that he was in such confusion and fear!
6. Peeta's interview with Caesar Flickerman. EXACTLY how I imagined it. Just, exactly. Mind = blown. Jaw = dropped. Eyes = watery. Perfection!
7. Peeta & Katniss' kiss :') I personally thought it was just beautiful. So intense yet so touching.
8. EVERYTHING ABOUT CATO. He is such a BAMF <3 Not as BAMF as Peeta, but still. I have much love for him. Again, not as much as for Peeta, but still.
9. Haymitch Abernathy! Woody Harrelson is the genius behind the man. Love how the role was played. Well done, indeed :D
10. Effie Trinket's awkwardness. Even since the first time she appeared in the movie, I just think it's so awkward. Like when she walked, it's weird. LOL. When she hosted the reaping, everyone was so silent, which is again, awkward. When in the train on the way to Capitol; "THAT'S MAHOGANY!", hahahahaha. How she kept pointing on Katniss saying "Manners!" Super cute. And lastly, when she yelled at Katniss for what she did in front of the Gamemakers and turns out it was no problem at all in everybody else's opinions.
11. Whenever Gale Hawthorne is sad. I dislike Gale since the first page I read it in the book. Like, GO AWAY AND LET PEETA & KATNISS TOGETHER UGH YOU RUINER YOU. So whenever the movie captures Gale with a mope expression, I'm just like "HA IN YOUR FACE!"
12. Seneca Crane's beard. 2 words; fascinating & amusing.
13. Every Peeniss' moments in the arena!!!!!!! ASDFGHJKL <3 I can't even.
14. Katniss & Peeta's interview with Caesar Flickerman after they won the 74th Annual Hunger Games. They're perfect for each other okay creys everywhere.

1. The ending! So different with the books!!!!!!! What the actual fuck? You'd understand if you've read the book. In the book, the ending just basically killed me and left me heartbroken. The only reason why the movie's ending killed me and left me heartbroken is because of the fact that it didn't kill me and left me heartbroken. The ending in the movie is just basically Peeta & Katniss won the Hunger Games and went back to District 12, and that's it. No sign of trouble for the sequel.
2. THE SHORT CAVE SCENE. The book literally had pages and pages of Katniss & Peeta in the cave. It was the most romantic thing I've ever read, really. I've been waiting especially for it in the movie. When it started I was like asdfghjkl yes finally the cave scene aaaahhh I've been waiting for this :'''') but it was practically over in just a matter of couple minutes. UGH WHY GARY ROSS, WHY? </3 Plus, in the book they share a lot of kisses, and in the movie, it's only one. ONE. I just can't *talktothehandemoticon*
3. A lot of details were cut off. Which is totally fine and understandable for film adaptations, but still, it could've been done better. I can't mention those details that were cut off one by one though.
4. The muts weren't the tributes!!! Such a disappointment. It was so great in the book, the idea of that is just brilliant, and it wasn't captured in the movie :(
5. Not enough Katniss & Peeta </3 I needed to see my Peeniss and I didn't get that satisfaction. At least longer the cave scene!!!!!!
6. Peeta didn't say, "You here to finish me off, Sweetheart?" :( Which was my personal favorite line of Peeta's.

And so many more I'm too tired right now to mention... Go see it if you haven't! Despite all the dislikes, the are more likes ;)


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  1. yeah but what happened to the Avox kids? and why wasn't Peeta's legs not cut? but we love Josh Hutcherson. so that's okay. haahahahah :)